Distance Learning & COVID-19 Contingency Planning for Law Schools

(Posted March 18, 2020)

We recognize that you are concerned with the health and safety of your faculty and students, and are considering difficult decisions regarding academic continuity.

iLaw Distance Learning can support your law school closure contingency planning in three ways, all at no cost to your law school:

  1. For the remainder of the Spring term, we can provide modules of asynchronous online course content from which your faculty can teach to help complete the semester. Our catalogue includes nearly 40 subjects.

  3. Immediately and going forward, we can help train your faculty to deliver their courses synchronously (i.e., in real time), using best online practices. We invite you to view the archive of our recent webinar to gain insight to help train faculty to deliver courses synchronously online. You may also download the presentation slide deck. If your school does not have a subscription to a video conference platform (e.g., Zoom or Teams), contact us. We can add you to our subscription.

  5. For the Summer and future terms, we will continue to provide a catalog of about 40 asynchronous elective subjects, including for-credit bar preparation. We normally provide the faculty who become credentialed at your school, although your faculty also can teach from our content. We recently reduced our fee structure significantly. However, in light of the current uncertainly, we are open to discussing pricing responsive to your school's needs.

iLaw Distance Learning is committed to helping our law school partners during this time of transition and into the future. Contact us to let us know how we can help with your specific needs.