J.D. Programs

Distance learning J.D. subjects accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.

When partnered with iLaw you are able to expand curriculum with the delivery of online J.D. subjects. 

Online J.D. subjects can help you bolster your school’s content offerings, as well as help with enrollment or budget challenges, attract prospective students, or allow students away from campus during the summer to continue their studies.

iLaw works with your law school to design and deliver subjects that connect with law students right in their scheduling comfort zone—via technology that can be accessed at their convenience anywhere there is an internet connection.

Take advantage of the expanded Standard  306 with 1L content:

  • Civil Procedure
  • Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Real Property
  • Torts

What do the changes to ABA Standard 306 mean for how your law school thinks about legal education offering and curriculum? Learn More.

Benefits to Your School

  • Expand the curriculum for coverage and to introduce new courses
  • Leverage top faculty
  • Provide new revenue streams and fills budget gaps
  • Zero-risk in logistics of expanding your online curriculum, with no enrollment minimums
  • Courses available synchronously (live online) or engaged-asynchronously

Benefits to Your Students

  • Students interact with faculty through message boards, chat rooms, online faculty office hours, and email
  • Asynchronous courses allow faculty-student interaction, as well as flexible schedules
  • Flexible terms (Summer; Intersessions; Academic Year)
  • Expanded curriculum
  • Assessments that ensure course goals and student learning outcomes are met
  • Opportunities for instruction from top experts and great teachers


  • Students interact with Faculty through message boards, chat rooms, online faculty office hours and email
  • Synchronous subjects allow faculty-student interaction comparable to a traditional classroom
  • Engaged-Asynchronous content allows faculty-student interaction as well as flexible schedules


iLaw works to make every school engagement successful, with minimal work required by partner schools. To do so we have outlined a few key areas that help demonstrate the division of responsibilities. Every engagement is unique, and roles are customized based on a partner's needs.


    • Supply course along with the instructor
    • Provide an online platform
    • Provide all technical support
    • Monitor, record, and provide attendance and participation data
    • Provide school access to monitor classes live or through archived video


  • Select the content you would like to offer
  • Maintain and govern academic policies
  • Provide marketing support (depending on agreement)
  • Add course offerings and enrollment to the school's website (depending on agreement)


  • Enroll and pay using the school’s standard procedure
  • Earn academic credit through the school's program
  • Access subjects conveniently via a link sent after registration
  • Receive grades consistent with the school's standards

"Overall great experience and class.  Professor was great and so was the material taught."

Student in Spring Corporate Finance

"I enjoyed taking Conflicts of Law! Whenever I had a question, there was always immediate feedback (within 24-48 hours) which made the online course excellent. As a part-time student who currently works full time during the day, the flexibility of the course was greatly appreciated."

Student in Spring Conflict of Laws

"The video lectures were great. I really appreciated how the lecture and visual aids were interweaved!"

Student in Spring Economics for Lawyers

"I like the freedom and flexibility. The content was very ambitious yet interesting because the instructors were very knowledgeable. The professors showed me valuable economic incites in the realm of microeconomics, like how the supply curve is derived, which I found very interesting."

Student in Spring Economics For Lawyers

“I really loved this class. The professor did an amazing job of breaking down the content and relaying what an actual attorney in this area would deal with in everyday life. This has been one of my favorite classes I have taken in law school.” 

Student in Sports Law

“The instructor was passionate, knowledgeable and did a wonderful job summarizing the material in the video lectures. I enjoyed the professor.” 

Student in Fall Criminal Procedure

*Students are given the opportunity to provide feedback at the end of each iLaw program through a survey.