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iLaw partners with law schools to create, market, deliver, monitor, and operate online high-quality programs and content. We have brought U.S. law subjects to select international markets and partnered with a diverse group of law schools, private schools, and public schools.

iLaw is unique in the higher education experience it brings to its partnerships with schools and universities. The team understands the expectations of high-quality academic programs and matches its traditional background with innovation and entrepreneurialism. Our team helps institutions with an array of non-academic services so that the schools can concentrate on academic content.

iLaw has built an outstanding team who have spent their careers in education and educational support. The team understands accreditation and regulation, can provide insights on curricular and faculty matters, and speaks the language of academics.

Through the years we have delivered online content to more than 4,000 students. We have produced programs for law students, lawyers, and non-lawyers in different professions. iLaw brings to your institution a strong worth ethic and team passionate about education.

“iLaw understands the expectations of high quality academic programs, and we match traditional backgrounds with innovation and entrepreneurialism.” - Law School and iLaw Partner

"iLaw team members have spent their careers in legal education, and educational support. They design partnerships to meet the needs of our school.” - Law School and iLaw Partner