Live With Kellye and Ken

“Live with Kellye & Ken” is an online running dialogue about the present and future of legal education. Each month, Deans Emeritus Kellye Testy (LSAC CEO) and Ken Randall (iLaw Founder and President) lead expert panels of law school deans in engaging online discussions of today’s important topics surrounding legal education and leadership.


Upcoming Events

Topic: Skills Necessary for Law School Success
Date: April 27, 2020 at 4:00-5:00 pm ET (3:00-4:00 pm CT; 1:00-2:00 pm PT)



On the April "Live with Kellye and Ken" program, our panelists will discuss the variety of skills students will find necessary for law school success.

Joining the discussion:

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Archived Events

Topic: Do Law School Rankings Matter?
March 2020

Joining the discussion are:

  • Dean Michael F. Barry, South Texas College of Law
  • Dean Paul Caron, Pepperdine University
  • Dean Dan Filler, Drexel University
  • Dean Elizabeth Kronk Warner, University of Utah

Topic: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Law
February 2020

Joining the discussion are:

  • Dean Craig Boise, Syracuse University College of Law
  • Dean Camille Nelson, American University Washington College of Law
  • Chancellor John Pierre, Southern University Law Center
  • Dean Anthony Varona, University of Miami School of Law


Topic: Careers in Law
January 2020

Joining the discussion are:

  • Dean Benjamin Barros, Toledo
  • Dean Mary Lu Bilek, CUNY
  • Dean Dan Hamilton, UNLV
  • Dean Melanie Leslie, Cardozo School of Law
  • James Leipold, National Association for Law Placement (NALP)


Topic: The 1L Virtual Classroom
December 2019

Joining the discussion are:

  • Dean Megan Carpenter, University of New Hampshire
  • Dean Michèle Alexandre, Stetson University
  • Professor Jack Graves, Touro Law (Director of Digital Legal Education)
  • Professor Leanne R. Fuith, Mitchell Hamline


Topic: The Law School Application Process
October 2019

Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Charles Campbell, Faulkner
  • Dean Jennifer Johnson, Lewis & Clark
  • Dean Kimberly Mutcherson, Rutgers
  • Dean Kevin Washburn, Iowa

Topic: Civic Education in Law
September 2019

Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Danielle Conway, Penn State Dickinson
  • Dean Elena Langan, Touro
  • Dean Donald Tobin, Maryland
  • Dean Verna Williams, Cincinnati

Topic: Gender Equity and Law
August 2019

Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Jane Aiken, Wake Forest
  • Dean Angela Onwuachi-Willig, Boston University
  • Dean Risa Goluboff, Virginia
  • Dean Tamara Lawson, St. Thomas

Topic: Innovations in Learning Assessments
July 2019

Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Melanie Wilson, Tennessee
  • Dean Luke Bierman, Elon
  • Exec. Assoc. Dean Christiana Ochoa, Indiana
  • Mark Raymond, Assessment Consultant
  • Kellie Hill, Khan Academy

Topic: Declining Bar Passage and the Role of Law Schools in Bar Exam Prep and Reform
May 2019

Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Aviva Abramovsky, Buffalo
  • Dean Len Baynes, Houston
  • Dean Jon Garon, Nova Southeastern
  • Judith Gundersen, NCBE

Topic: Law and Leadership: If You Build It, They Will Come
April 2019

Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Matthew Diller, Fordham
  • Dean Garry Jenkins, Minnesota
  • Professor Deborah Rhode, Stanford
  • Dean Gordon Smith, Brigham Young
  • Associate Dean Leah Teague, Baylor

Title: March Madness: The Present and Future of Law School Rankings
March 2019
Joining the discussion:

  • Bob Morse, U.S. News & World Report
  • Michael Sauder, co-author, Engines of Anxiety: Academic Rankings, Reputation, and Accountability
  • Dean Trish White, Miami
  • Dean Kim Yuracko, Northwestern

Title: The Financial Landscape of Legal Education
February 2019
Joining the discussion:

• Dean Jerry Anderson, Drake
• Dean Danielle Holley-Walker, Howard
• Dean Kevin Johnson, UC Davis
• Dean Lyrissa Lidsky, Missouri

Title: Law and Technology 
January 2019
Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Megan Carpenter, New Hampshire
  • Dean Anthony Niedwiecki, Golden Gate
  • Dean Hari Osofsky, Penn State
  • Dean Andy Perlman, Suffolk
  • Dean Song Richardson, UC Irvine

Title: Diversity & Inclusion in Legal Education
December 2018
Joining the discussion:

  • Cassandra Ogden, CLEO
  • Dean Jennifer Rosato, DePaul
  • Dean Henry Butler, George Mason
  • Dean Kevin Washburn, University of Iowa

Title: The Dean as Entrepreneur
November 2018
Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, University of California Berkley
  • Dean James Hackney, Northeastern
  • Dean Laura Rosenbury, Florida
  • Dean Douglas Sylvester, Arizona State

Title: Why Now is a Great Time to Go to Law School: Inside Info from the Deans
October 2018
Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Mark Alexander, Villanova
  • Dean Heather Gerkin, Yale
  • Dean Jennifer Mnookin, UCLA
  • Dean Blake Morant, George Washington

Title: Late-Breaking from the ABA: A Discussion on Recent Decisions
September 2018
Joining the discussion:

  • Dean Kellye Testy, LSAC
  • Dean Ken Randall, iLaw

Kellye Testy was the 14th dean and first woman to lead the University of Washington School of Law, a post she held from 2009-2017. She now serves as the president and CEO of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). A prolific scholar, outstanding teacher, and experienced administrator, Testy focuses her research and scholarship on contracts, corporate governance, business entities, leadership, and access to justice. She is known throughout academic and legal communities for her dedication to the rule of law and her commitment to justice and equality.


Ken Randall is the President and Founder of iLaw. Ken was dean of The University of Alabama School of Law for twenty years prior to founding iLaw in 2012 Ken’s tenure was a period of significant transformation at Alabama’s law school, where he established the first online LL.M. delivered by an ABA-accredited law school. Employing best business practices and strategic decision-making, Ken helped propel Alabama to a Top 25 law school ranking. Randall was the first Chair of the Technology Committee of the ABA Section of Legal Education. Ken practiced law with Simpson Thacher & Bartlett in New York. He holds the J.D. from Hofstra, where he was Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review; the LL.M. from Yale; and the LL.M. and J.SD. from Columbia.